ProLawn Systems - Professional Fertigation, Yard Watering Systems
ProLawn Systems- Professional Fertigation, Yard Watering Systems
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ProLawn Systems- Professional Fertigation, Yard Watering Systems

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The newest technique in lawn care is fertigation.  This is the process of adding fertilizer to your irrigation water, and applying extremely small amounts every time your sprinkler runs.


 This is not a new process, we have been working with it since 1982.  It started in greenhouse vegetables, moved on to greenhouse ornamentals, then outdoor agriculture and then to golf courses.  But the equipment could cost tens of thousands of dollars.  What is new is equipment that is now available that makes economic sense for homeowners.  In addition, this method of caring for your lawn is much more eco friendly because you use less fertilizer and less water.  When you get a gully washer rain storm, it can wash away all your high priced time release fertilizer sitting on the ground .(waiting for its time to release) When you fertigate, the fertilizer goes down to the roots the same day you run the sprinkler.

The most important thing you need to know about fertigation is that no device or method is the best method for all applications.  Many companies have a single product type and try to convince you it will work in your application.  Some even have bigger devices of the same design for bigger yards.  But a device designed for a small yard is not the most economical way to treat a big yard just by making the device bigger.  We have purchased, owned, used, tested, and even taken apart nearly every device on the market to find out how good they really are, and what they are really good at (or bad at).  Our conclusion: pick the best device for each type of application and help our customers determine which of these is  best for them.  We recommend and sell devices from several of the best  manufacturers, and we will honestly tell you why one would be your best choice.  We have also contracted with manufactures to build units to our specifications under the trade name of Fertipump.

The second thing you need to understand is how much water and fertilizer turf needs.  Generally turf  needs about 1 inch of water per week.  Having a rain gage so you know how much free water you got is helpful, and a soil moisture sensor is the most accurate way to know if you need to irrigate.  One inch of water is equal to 625 gallons per 1000 square feet.  Turf also needs 4-5 # of nitrogen per 1000 square feet per growing season.  Using this information, and knowing how big your yard is and what your watering system is like we can accurately recommend the best device for you.  For individualized assistance, fill out the yard survey and send it to us for a recommendation.

If you want to use 2 chemicals at the same time, test their compatibility with a small quantity in the right proportions mixed together.  Many times concentrates can not be mixed with other concentrates because they create dissolving problems.  Diluting both items with water can help solve this, but requires a pump with a high injection rate and large stock tank.  The High Flow model is excellent for this purpose.

First determine the size of the injection pump needed for your application.

Simple calculation:

If you know the capacity of your sprinkler system in gallons per minute:

 (most residential systems on municipal water are about 10 gph)

10 gph of water needs a maximum of 38 ounces per hour of our concentrated fertilizer.  This allows you to put a weeks worth of fertilizer on in one cycle of 1/4 inch of water.


number of sq ft to be fertilized X  Rate divided by the hours per week of irrigation = oz/hr.   Rate = amount of fertilizer per square foot per week.  Our fertilizer rate is .01

example: 5000 sq ft, running 2 hours 2 times a week

5000 sq. ft of turf  X .01=  50/4 hr. per week = 12.5 ounces per hour average. The maximum would be twice that to put all the fertilizer on in 1 watering.

Need more help, fill out the following and email to us.

How many zones is this?   ___________

Total minutes run time for these zones  in one day  ____________

How many days do you run the system    Spring_____Summer_____Fall_____

Do you have other areas you irrigate with this system?  Yes  __    or No  ___

Do you want to fertilize those also?   Yes  ___     No  ____

What type plants are they?   __________________________________

Total square feet of turf to be fertilized     ____________

What is your water source?  City   ____Well  _____  Lake or stream________

Do you know your water pressure?  Static  ______  While running  ________

Do you know how many gallons per minute your system runs?  ______GPM


Send us an email with the above information or call us to discuss.


Bring your yard into the 21st century with one our fertilizer injectors!

ProLawn Systems- Professional Fertigation, Yard Watering Systems
In just 2 months your lawn could look like this.

ProLawn Systems supplies Eco-friendly, professional products to the home landscaper &  gardener who demands "green" and professional results.  ProLawn is a spin off of a company that has been supplying  organic commercial growers since 1985.  All of the products on this site, when used according to label instructions, are safe around children and pets, many of them approved for organic vegetable growers.  Some of these products, previously only available in gallon and larger sizes, are now available in ready to use units, and concentrates in pints. We are raising the level of technology in residential lawn care. 

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ProLawn Systems- Professional Fertigation, Yard Watering Systems
ProLawn Systems- Professional Fertigation, Yard Watering Systems

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ProLawn Systems- Professional Fertigation, Yard Watering Systems
ProLawn Systems offers fertigation, automatic liquid fertilizing, chemigation, chemilizers, lawn fertilizers, yard watering systems, soil moisture measurement, home garden pesticides, organic pest control, lawn supplies

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